Womenswear – Wardrobe Staples

With a solid set of basics in your wardrobe, you’ll never have ‘nothing to wear’ again. Use this base delivered by ethical and sustainable designers and you’ll find that one or two key pieces from each new season will be enough to refresh you. Don’t forget that Charity/Thrift shops stock a huge amount of clothing where you can buy the basics too.

1. Organic Holly White Shirt by Rakha – £70 Buy Here

2. Adalee Jumpsuit in Black by People Tree – £85 Buy Here

3. Marian Breton Top by People Tree (Red version also available) – £42 Buy Here

4. Pamela Ankle Boots by Bourgeois Boheme – £149 Buy Here

5. Mini Elwin Rucksack by Lost Property of London – £295 (also in brown, black & oak) Buy Here

6. Silk Scarf from The British Red Cross. £2.50

7. Black Palazzo Pants by The Bees Sneeze. £150 Buy Here

8. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Jeans from Adrian’s Armoire, Hamilton ON. $44

9. Straight Jacket by Kirivoo. 299 Euros Buy Here (free shipping in the EU)

10. White Trainer/Sneaker by Matt&Nat. £85 Buy Here

11. Silk Cashmere Jumper by A-MM-E. £199 Buy Here (also comes in grey, black, navy and  charcoal).

12. Khaki Rain Coat by Rakha. £200 Buy Here

13. Shopper Basket by Bohemia Design. £30 (15% off first order) Buy Here

14. Weekend Holdall by Herdwick. £275 Buy Here

15. Androgynous Lace-up by Bourgeois Boheme. £180 Buy Here

16. Pearl Studs by Edge of Ember £20 (10% off first order) Buy Here

17. Gold Hoops by Edge of Ember. £135 (10% off first order) Buy Here

18. Cosy Pyjama Set by People Tree £56 Buy Here

19. Denim Jacket by Kuyichi. 150 Euros Buy Here

20. Sunglasses by Finlay & Co. £120 Buy Here

21. Leather Belt by Sipahi & Co. £98 Buy Here

22. Little Black Dress by Madefair Buy Here

23. Sara Sandal by Bourgeois Boheme. £153 Buy Here

24. Cami by Reformation. $58 Buy Here

25. Turtleneck Sleek Body by Gather&See (also available in black). £60 Buy Here

26. Building Block Trouser by Kowtow. $139 Buy Here

27. Kimono to dress up, down or lounge in. Kimono pictured from Kisshoten. I love Kimono Petit Japon on Ebay for excellently priced vintage Japanese Haori and Kimono

28. White Tee by People Tree. £26 Buy Here

29. Vegan Wallet by Matt&Nat. £50 Buy Here

30. Vintage Leather Jacket by Beyond Retro. £25 Buy Here

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