Spring/Summer Wedding Guest – Woman

It’s that time of year again! Various friends and family members tie the knot and you have to find something to wear. Most of us already have suitable dresses, skirts and tops that we’ve only worn once or twice so do think about updating these with a different pair of shoes or accessories – it’s amazing how transformative accessories can be! But, if you feel you need to buy a new outfit, where can you find stylish ethical and sustainable pieces? Hopefully I can make it easier with these ideas from these designers. I picked these items specifically for their versatility – they can be worn in different ways for different types of occasion, extending their life in your wardrobe.

  1. Black Mules by Matt&Nat. £85 Buy Here
  2. Jumpsuit by Conditions Apply. £75 Buy Here
  3. Silk Culottes by Etrala. £136 Buy Here
  4. Silk Crop Top by Etrala. £75 Buy Here
  5. Azure Clutch by Matt&Nat. £65 Buy Here
  6. Waverly Dress by Reformation. $198 Buy Here
  7. Necklace by Ombre Claire. 255 Euros Buy Here
  8. Geogold Sandals by Beyond Skin. £189 Buy Here
  9. Red Ellen Heels by Beyond Skin. £130 Buy Here
  10. Vintage Dangle Earrings from Etsy. £10 Buy Here
  11. Vintage Drawstring Bag from Etsy. £25 Buy Here
  12. Hexagon Gold earrings by Edge of Ember. £105 Buy Here

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