Hi, my name is Francesca. I am an artist and stylist that has made it my mission to give up on Fast Fashion. How am I doing this?

I have set myself the challenge of only buying clothes from ethical and sustainable designers, or buy second hand. The trend for fast fashion which has taken over the fashion industry in the last decade is scary, and it’s the duty of fashion lovers like myself to challenge this trend.

Like everyone, I have been sucked into buying cheap clothes purely for the fact that they are cheap and ‘on trend.’ Little did I see that what I was really doing was buying into a hype that would pass when the next best thing came along. As much as I cared for nature and our environment, sustainable and ethical fashion meant dressing like a hippy didn’t it? But actually, with a little research, I realised that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are growing number of emerging designers who create ethical and sustainable fashion that doesn’t sacrifice style, which is why I created Shortfews. Here I will showcase the best emerging designers that put ethical and sustainable practices at the core of their work, without the price tag of a faux-leather pair of Stella McCartney trousers. Because, quite frankly, how many of us can actually afford those?

I am also a huge supporter of buying second hand clothing, be it from Ebay, Etsy, Charity/Thrift Shops whatever; and on my budget, this is where I will be spending most of my browsing time. By buying second hand fashion from Charity Shops in particular, we contribute not only to the charity reselling the clothing, but we also help prevent tons of unwanted clothing ending up on landfill sites for the next 200 years.

I understand the thrill of buying something which hasn’t been worn by anyone else; jumpers/sweaters in particular are something which I would rather buy new as they do tend to look tatty after a while. I also understand that buying from emerging sustainable designers is more expensive than popping down to your local Primark or H&M, but this is also key – you will be buying something that is highly well made and well cut, in a higher quality material that will last forever, not just for one season. You will also be supporting emerging designers who need our help to get noticed.

I will be focussing mainly on UK and European-made designers, as this is where I am based. But, if I think that a designer from outside Europe deserves special notice through their design and practice, I will be showcasing their work too.
The future of sustainable fashion is in the hands of us, the consumers – let’s help change the industry bit by bit…

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